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The Reliable Source Person of the Year 2013: Kerry Washington | The Washington Post

We’re so used to celebrities behaving like spoiled, look-at-me brats that it’s easy to overlook Hollywood’s grown-ups. But 2013 was Kerry Washington’s year — for all the right reasons.

She’s the first African-American actress to star in a prime-time hit (ABC’s addictive Scandal) in decades. She wowed grads of her alma mater, George Washington University, with a smart, funny commencement address in May. She somehow managed to keep her private life private by marrying NFL star football star Nnamdi Asomugha in a stealth wedding this summer — before anyone knew they were dating. (And we hear she’s pregnant, but she’s keeping her baby bump private, too.) And her charming, self-aware turn on Saturday Night Live last month finally prompted the show to add an African-American woman to the cast. Did we mention the 36-year-old is gorgeous and dresses like a queen? Well played, Kerry. Well played.